Thursday, December 12

FREE Reindeer Food Tags!

Reindeer food is certainly not a new idea but my kids have loved it each and every Christmas for about 10 years now. It's become a Christmas tradition to go outside before bed on Christmas Eve and pour the reindeer food out on the lawn.... waiting, waiting, waiting for those reindeer to come!

This year I decided to create a sweet little tag and poem for my kindergartner to make gifts for his classroom friends. And today, I'm going to give the designs away to my readers. I hope it will help you with those last minute treats for your kids' class parties next week.

To make the gifts, you'll need to gather your supplies to make the reindeer food....
no worries... it's easy, peasy!


- Oatmeal (I used the whole can for 21 kids)
- Bottles of Christmas colored sugars
- Christmas sprinkles
- Glitter

Pour everything together in a big bowl and stir to mix.

Employ your best helpers to spoon the mixture into small plastic bags. I found these in a pack of 100 on the wedding supplies aisle at Walmart. To keep the bag open for my little one, I used a toilet paper roll inside the bag and had him spoon the reindeer food over a plastic bowl. This caught much of the spills so that I won't find glitter and oatmeal under every crevice for the next 3 months.

Once you get your bags filled, punch holes in your printed reindeer food tags and string some ribbon or tulle through to seal off the bags and make them pretty.

The tags will explain to your child's friends just how this reindeer food works....

Here's our basket full and all ready to go.... one class down.
Now to come up with ideas for my older children's friends.

Grab your

Merry Christmas Everyone!


*Lasha* said...

How did you tie the candy canes on?

Robin said...

Hi! I just wanted you to know that this company on Facebook is using your photo as their own. (The Gorgeous Gift Company)

They swiped one of my photos as well, and while looking through their site, I immediately recognized this photo as yours.

I love this project and I hate to see someone else take the credit!

*Sorry if this is a duplicate post!*

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Tanvir Ahmed said...
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Silly Scott said...

Being a Children’s Entertainer I Love this idea, and will definitely be using them this year as helper gifts in my Christmas Show. Thank you..

Silly Scott

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