Tuesday, July 8

Baseball Party - New to the Shop

New to the shop and already super popular… our BASEBALL PARTY PRINTABLES! The set includes over 60 files and is professionally typeset with your child's name and age personalization. All you need to do is print and decorate… and enjoy all the oohs and aaahs from your guests!

You will love how quickly and easily the party set will pull your party together. No need to stress or worry. You will be able to create the perfect party to celebrate your son's big day… a day he won't soon forget.

In the 60+ pages included in our BASEBALL PARTY SET, we give you lots of options for decorating your party.  At printing time, you'll choose only the files you want to print to create a spectacular, one-of-a-kind party. Our printable sets work well for a small party at home or a large celebration at outside venue. Take a peek at what is included:

Your BASEBALL PARTY PRINTABLE set will include these PERSONALIZED party files: 
● 2" Logos: 5 designs
● 5" Baseball/Age Cut Outs
● 8" Baseball/Age Cut Outs
● 8" Centerpieces: 2 designs
● Door Sign
● Favor Tags
● Number/Age Cupcake Toppers
● Pennant Centerpiece Flags: 6 designs
● Drink Wraps
● Coloring Page
● Napkin or Bubble Wraps
● Banner Pieces
● Candy Bar Wraps
● Treat Bag Toppers

And will also include these UN-PERSONALIZED party files: 
● 2" Baseball Cut Outs
● 2.5" Background Circles
● 1.5" Logos
● Small Baseball Cut Outs
● Cupcake Wraps
● Favor Table Sign
● Juice Box Covers
● Concessions Banner
● Party Signs: 6 designs
● 2" Food Label Circles: 30 wordings and blank
● Food Label Tent Cards: 20 wordings and blank
● Miniature Candy Bar Wraps
● Hershey Kiss Circles
● Coordinating Printable Papers: 4 designs
● Small Pennants for straw flags

And don't forget the invitation! Get your guests excited about your upcoming party with our BASEBALL PARTY INVITATION. We have two options available… a photo version and a non-photo version. Just take your pick when checking out through the shop.

Need more BASEBALL PARTY inspiration? Check out this amazing BASEBALL PARTY feature! And be sure to follow our PINTEREST BASEBALL PARTY board here.


Chris Harmen said...

These are amazing pintables; boys would love them for their birthday party. I have a party to organize for my friend’s son and I am thinking of choosing this theme. It would look great.

gagbush said...

It is a great help while planning any party. Ofcourse I will use this printable idea for decoration in my son’s birthday party. I did not have much information about it but now I am excited to decorate my venue with printable’s. Please share some more experiences here with me regarding this form of party space nyc.

Eva Gemma said...
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Eva Gemma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eva Gemma said...

Boys love these types of printable. I will ask my event management company to make something on similar lines.

Ram Charan said...

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iris florets said...

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Patricia Carter said...

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Alice Taylor said...

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Jenna Catlin said...

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Alice Taylor said...

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Patricia Carter said...

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