Wednesday, February 22

Rocket Party Favors - FREE DOWNLOAD

Today I'm sharing a FREEBIE with you...

Perfect for space and rocket themed parties and they coordinate
with Amanda's Parties To Go's ROCKET TO SPACE party printables, too.

All you'll need to do is print the freebie rocket favor printables and buy some Rolo candies. You can find them at most grocery stores, and I also saw them at Target just the other day for $.79/roll.

This project is quick and easy, and I hope it will be the perfect party treat
to send home with your little astronauts!

- Rolo candy rolls 
- Photo paper or brochure paper
(can use white cardstock but the photo paper will print much more vividly)
- Hot glue
- Scotch tape
- Scissors
- Orange and yellow tissue paper

Step 1:  After printing your rocket craft files onto photo paper or brochure paper,
cut each of the designs out with scissors.

Step 2: Take your orange and white striped rocket piece and wrap it around one tube of rolos.
Use scotch tape to secure.

Step 3: Take the blue rocket top piece and roll it into a cone shape. Hot glue it closed, or you may use scotch tape (sometimes hot glue doesn't adhere to photo paper).

Step 4:  Put a generous amount of hot glue at the top of the rolo tube and the place
the blue cone on top. Hold until the glue dries.

Step 5:  Cut stacks of the yellow and orange tissue paper into triangular shapes and then cut the wider base to resemble flames. Place 2-3 sheets of your cut yellow pieces on top of 2-3 pieces of cut orange tissue and scrunch the top into a point. Place a dab of hot glue on the point and glue it to the bottom of the rolo candy cylinder. Next put another dab of glue onto the tab of the cloud cut out and glue it down at the base of the rolo candy on top of the yellow tissue paper.

And you're done! So cute! 

If you missed the download link above, you can find it again here:
FREE Printable Rocket Favor Download

I hope this tutorial inspired you to host a Rocket Party for your little one!
You can find the full ROCKET TO SPACE PARTY Printable Collection in my shop here.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, February 20

Firetruck Party {Customer Party}

Today I'm sharing a fun customer's 1st birthday party for her son, Thomas.

 Having the party at an old fire station now turned museum for fallen firefighters was such a smart idea. With old firetrucks and other fire fighting memorabilia around, Jodi knew this would be the perfect place to celebrate little Thomas turning one.

Jodi used Amanda's Parties To Go's Firetruck Party Printables to create a fun and festive fire station mood for the party. She says, "I used the printables to create a banner for his high chair as well as a happy birthday banner for behind the high chair. I wish I had a picture but I also used tall clear plastic containers to fill with candy. I wrapped large ribbon around and secured with the larger printable circles. I used the coordinating papers as backing for my monthly pictures of Thomas for a banner and these were also used on the table in small red plastic buckets filled with peppermints."

Jodi also made Thomas' birthday hat and the tissue poms herself and had her husband and mom work together to find a vintage high chair and paint it black to tie in with the other party decor.

Jodi says, "We had chili (with all the fixings), hot dogs, fritos, and fruit for the food. We bought the most adorable old fashioned hot dog rollers. The hot sauce was in even fireman themed. For sweets in addition to the YoLo Bakes goodies, we had white chocolate covered pretzels, twizzlers, skittles, hot tamales and starburst…plenty of sugar!

I used a combination of yellow, red and black for the paper goods. I wrapped the silverware in red/white striped napkins and yellow napkins and secured with the Firetruck printables napkin rings. We had water bottles with the water bottle wrappers and also used black cups with the smaller printable circles as stickers on them with red and white striped paper straws."

I set up a poem to instruct the guests to sign the Skippy the Fire Dog book when they arrived for Thomas to keep for years after. We also wrote what gifts he received in the back of the book. Behind the book we had a firetruck picture station where everyone could get their picture taken.

Each guest had an option to take home a fire chief hat, a fire truck sippy cup, a personal Museum balloon and a polka dot goody bag filled with fire truck temporary tattoos, fire truck whistles, a fire badge, and MORE candy."

Thank you so much, Jodi, for sharing Thomas' party with us today.
What fun firetruck party inspiration you've given us!

Firetruck Party Printables: Amanda's Parties To Go
Cake and cupcakes: YoLo Bakes in Midtown Memphis
Personalized firetruck outfit: Betsy Bug

Thursday, February 16

Pirate Party {Customer Party}

What a swashbuckling good time these kids had at little Love's 7th birthday party! Love's mom, Heidi, sent me these adorable photos from her daughter's pirate party. Who says girls can't be pirates, too? And I think Love might just be the cutest girl pirate around.

Heidi poured her heart and soul into this fun party for her daughter and friends. Using Amanda's Parties To Go Pirate Party printables and some other fun designs she found for food labels and a banner, the party space was decked out in pirate style from the food table to the eating tables. 

Heidi made sure the kids had a ball with pirate hat crafting and outdoor activities like walking the plank, tattoos and a piratey treasure hunt in the sand. You're going to love these fun photos, and I hope they inspire you with your own pirate adventures!

Thank you so much, Heidi, for sharing your fabulous party with us! It looks like the kids will all remember this day for many years to come!

Party Printables: Amanda's Parties To Go
Party Styling: Heidi Kalpak
Photography: Robin Bish Photography

Monday, February 13

Silhouette Tutorial Guest Post: Valentines Tic Tac Toe

I'm so excited to have Tam from Sew Dang Cute here today guest posting with a FABULOUS tutorial using her Silhouette machine. Many of you crafters out there sing the praises of the Silhouette so often and now that I've seen the amazing work it can do, I might just have to go buy one of these myself! I know it's a bit late for this Valentines, but save it, bookmark it, pin it....
it will be wonderful to get a head start on next Valentine's Day!
Here's Tam....

HI Everyone! It's Tam here from Sew Dang Cute! Recently I received an email from Erica. She is a school teacher and wanted to use the Amanda's Parties To Go's FREEBIE Valentines Tic Tac Toe board in her class.

The only problem is she didn’t want to cut out 28 of these with scissors.
She wondered if there was any way to use the Silhouette for this job!

Yup, you can!

STEP ONE: After downloading the pdf file, convert all the pages to jpeg files as explained in this tutorial HERE. For the purposes of this tutorial, I am only going to show the first page of the download (the Tic-Tac-Toe page), but it’s the same technique for the cupcake topper and wrappers as well.

STEP TWO: Open your jpeg file in Adobe PhotoShop. I had to use PhotoShop to get this particular printable to work.

When I tried just opening it in Silhouette and tracing, the best I could get was this.

Maybe it’s all the different colors or the polka dots, but I just couldn’t get the entire image selected.

So I turned to PhotoShop.
First we need to make the image editable. See in your layers palette at the bottom right. There is only one layer and it is called Background. Notice the picture of the lock next to it. That means we can’t edit the background, which we need to.

So double click “Background” and it will bring up a box that lets you change the name of the layer. I just left mine “Layer 0” and hit ok. Now the lock is gone and we can edit that layer.

STEP THREE: With the magic wand tool (shortcut keyboard command “W”), select all the white space in the page. I only had to click once and it selected all the white. You’ll be able to tell if it’s all selected if it looks like this.

Hit your delete button on the keyboard. It should delete all that white space, then hit Ctrl+D to deselect everything (get rid of the dotted lines).

STEP FOUR: Let’s black everything out. Create a new layer. You can do this a couple of ways, but each way has the same result.
1. Go to Layer in your menu bar, then new, then layer (Shift + Ctrl +N).

2. In your layers palette, click the new layer button (the paper with a corner curled up).

Make sure your forefront color is black and select your paint bucket tool.
Make sure your new layer is selected in your layers palette, then click anywhere on your image and it will paint that entire layer black.

STEP FIVE: Merge layers. Make sure your Move Tool is selected (the main arrow button at the top of the toolbar – keyboard shortcut V). In your layers palette, click on the line right between the two layers while holding down the Alt key. It will change your mouse arrow to a weird little circle with a side arrow.

It will also merge your layers. See how Layer 1 is pointing down to Layer 0?

So now your picture looks like this.

STEP SIX: Save your picture as a jpeg file. You can now open it in Silhouette and trace it to get all the cut lines. Refer to the post HERE for tracing instructions. I had to really increase my high pass filter to get the hearts completely yellow.

Go ahead and click trace. Select the black shape and delete it so just the trace lines are showing.

Go ahead and copy (Ctrl + C), then open up the Valentine’s Tic-Tac-Toe page, and paste (Ctrl +V). Move the cut lines over the image.

STEP SEVEN: Now you are ready to print and cut. Refer to this post HERE for instructions on that.
Once it’s printed, send it through the Silhouette to cut.


A perfect cut!!!

And ready for the little ones to enjoy.

I know that seems like a pretty complex tutorial.
It’s actually pretty fast, I just explained every step in detail
so it seems like a lot.
You can do it, I promise!!!


Thank you so much, Tam, for guest posting today! I can't wait to try this myself and use it for a few other projects, too.