Friday, January 11

Valentines Party

What a lovely Valentines Party I'm sharing today from the talented Ellen of Ellen Bessette Events. Ellen put together a stunningly sweet party for a little girl given by her grandmother. What a wonderful idea! And best of all, she used Valentines Party printables to embellishment her beautiful party, too.

Ellen says, "I wanted this party to be perfect! Ruffles, pink and lots of sweets!" And then the wind came. Wind can be a party stylists worst nightmare and that day, I think it just might have been for Ellen. She says, "The wind nearly destroyed my setup and blew my handmade heart backdrop into tangles, blew over a flower arrangement and broke the crystal candlestick, name place cards and food labels went flying, etc."

Poor, Ellen! But seriously, you would never know from these gorgeous photos. After the chaos of the wind and quite a bit of reassembling, Ellen says, "But the girls had a great time and at the end of the party that’s really all that matters! The girls enjoyed lots of fun crafts, facepainting, running around the yard with their tutu wands, filling their bags with goodies and a scavenger hunt at the end of the party."

Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and beautiful party styling with us, Ellen! You brought my Valentines Party printables to life!