Saturday, October 2

Let the Boo-ing Begin!!

So I'm sure you've heard of the little "Boo-ing" game that's become popular over the past few Halloweens. Around here, it's a pretty big craze..... and I guess it should be! What could be better than a secret admirer??? Oh, I don't know..... A secret admirer bringing CANDY that's what!!

My kids love going to the door and finding that sweet little gift of friendship waiting for them on the front step. And I actually think they like Boo-ing their friends even more than getting Booed! It's always more fun to give than to receive, isn't it?

Well, my friends.... it's THAT time..... BOO-ing time! And just for you lucky readers, I've worked up a little treat..... a "We've Been Booed" sign for you to use in your own neighborhood. It's just one of the MANY cute designs in Amanda's Parties To Go Halloween Printable Collection. Here's a little glimpse of some of the printables in the collection:

You can use these printables to help you decorate your home for Halloween, make some fun class treat bags or go all out and throw a Halloween party! So go ahead and download that popular "Boo" sign, and let's get this party started!

And you can download the FREEBIE sign and instructions to the Boo-ing game HERE.



Nelson Family said...

Thanks for sharing this! It is so adorable. I love your site!

Rishawna said...

I love your ideas. They are refreshing, crisp and so darn cute.
Keep up the good work!
oh and thanks.