Wednesday, October 26

Tutorial: Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

One of the things I loved most about the HALLOWEEN PARTY I posted about yesterday was the DIY projects with crepe paper. Crepe paper is such a wonderful medium for crafting. It's inexpensive, widely available and comes in so many colors. When Kristyn from Lil Luna showed me her Monster Party game made from crepe paper, I knew immediately that I should create a Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin game for my Halloween Party.

This project only cost about $4.00 to make, too! You will need to have a sewing machine to make the crepe paper ruffles, but once those are made, the pumpkin will come together in no time at all!

- 2 pieces of foam core board from the Dollar Tree
- Roll of orange crepe paper
- Roll of green crepe paper
- Large googley eyes (or make your own from construction paper)
- Mouth and nose print outs from the Amanda's Parties To Go Halloween Printables set (or make your own from construction paper)
- Duct tape
- Hot glue gun

1. Tape your boards together to create one larger board
2. Freehand draw a simple pumpkin shape across the width of the two boards
3. Cut your pumpkin shape out with scissors
4. Admire your work!
5. Make your ruffled crepe paper by sewing 2 pieces of crepe paper placed one on top of the other and zig-zagging down one edge)
6. Open up the ruffled crepe paper to create a larger ruffled piece

7. Glue the crepe paper strips down onto the foam core pumpkin
8. Repeat until the entire board is covered with crepe paper ruffles
9. Make a few pieces of green crepe paper ruffles and glue them down on the stem of the pumpkin
10. Cut out your mouth and nose pieces from the Halloween printables, or create your own with some construction paper. I also used some large googley eyes for the pumpkin's eyes, but you can make your own eyes as well.

Now you're ready to play! Blind fold the kids with a simple scrap of fabric, spin them around a little and give them a nose piece with some tape adhered to the back. Let them take turns placing the nose on the pumpkin and make sure you have some fun little treats to give away after the game.

This would be a fun little game to take to school parties, too. And don't forget the mummy wrap with toilet paper - that one is always a big hit with the kids! 
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!