Tuesday, November 15

Thanksgiving Dessert Table

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Hello everyone! I hope you're all getting ready for Thanksgiving next week! Wow, next week! The year is passing by way too quickly for me.

Yesterday, I posted some photos of the Thanksgiving Dinner tablescape I created when I hosted my husband family at our house last year. Today, I thought I would share the dessert table. I set this up in my husband's study which is directly across from my dining room so that the rooms would work together to create a warm and inviting place for our guests to gather and celebrate the holidays.

With the rock fireplace as the perfect backdrop, I covered my farm table with a square of brown burlap and used an old lantern as a centerpiece display for a chocolate cake and some scones. The turkey made from dried naturals was such a find from Hobby Lobby and coordinated perfectly with the other rustic elements in the room. To create the centerpiece, I used a grapevine wreath for the base, sat the turkey in the center on a bed of natural straw.

The rag-tie garland on the fireplace was very similar to the one I created for the chandelier in the dining room and was a beautiful backdrop to the rustic dessert table. I also used the rag tie concept as a "Thankful for" garland on the front of the table. Each guest was giving an opportunity to write on a "Thankful for" tag from the Thanksgiving printables collection and the tag was then clipped to the garland with a clothespin. Each clothespin was embellished with an acorn from my backyard.

Entertaining can be daunting sometimes, especially when faced with feeding 25 for Thanksgiving, so I opted to make good use of my local stores to find beautiful desserts that I could embellish myself. The pies and cakes came from local grocery stores and Sams, but I spruced them all up a bit with enticing garnishes like baked cinnamon apple slices, cinnamon twists, candied pecans, fruit and more. This took so much of the stress away and I was able to focus on the fun of entertaining instead of many, many hours of baking.

The parfaits were brownies layered with whipped cream and embellished with a oblong chocolate chip cookie on top. Each parfait glass was a mason jar covered in the family initial drink wraps from the Thanksgiving printables collection.

The risers were created from paper mache' boxes covered in green burlap and topped with a piece of the printable patterned paper from the Thanksgiving collection. They were the perfect height to balance the oversized lantern on the center of the table.

For the mini pecan pies, I placed them on top of whole pecans and embellished each pie with a few candied pecans. The mini pumpkin pies were treated the same way. They sat upon a layer of pumpkin seeds and were embellished with candied pumpkin pie seeds.

I believe that details make all the difference in creating a memorable dessert table. For the caramel apple stand, I used corn husks as a topper and tied them with a piece of cut burlap which tied in perfectly to the Thanksgiving dinner table. Each of the individual caramel apple sticks had a paper flag from the Thanksgiving printables collection and a small flourish of corn husk glued to the top.

I love the idea of a "Thankful For" garland and had each of our guests fill in a "Thankful for" card when they arrived. Using a clothespin, I then hung each card onto a twine and fabric garland at the front of the dessert table.

I hope you will be inspired to create your own Thanksgiving dessert tables this year!