Thursday, November 17

Tutorial: Corn Husk & Burlap Table Runner

Today I'm sharing a fun tutorial on making your own BURLAP & CORN HUSK TABLE RUNNER for your Thanksgiving dinner tables. If you have a few sewing skills, you can whip this up in no time at all and probably costs less than $15.00 to make. Check out more images from the Thanksgiving Tablescape here.

You'll need the following for an 8-9 foot runner:
  • 3 yards of natural colored burlap
  • sewing thread to match
  • 2 bags of corn husks (I bought mine at Walmart in the Mexican food section)
  • scissors
  • dental floss
  • sewing machine and iron

STEP 1: The cutting -- Cut your burlap into 8-9 foot long lengths by 13" widths. You'll need two pieces, one for the top of the runner, one for the liner. Now for the burlap ruffle on top of the runner, you'll cut strips of burlap from your remaining original 3 yard piece that are 2" x the length of the runner pieces that you previously cut. Cut 4 strips out (they will be 2" x 8-9 feet each).

Go to your sewing machine and sew 2 strips together, end to end, to make one very long strip to be used for your burlap ruffle. Now repeat with your other 2 strips. You'll end up with two long strips 2" x 8-9 feet each.

STEP 2: Sewing the Corn Husks on --Now that everything is cut, you'll start working on the main part of the runner and sewing your corn husks on. Take the 2 big pieces of burlap for the top and bottom of your runner and your corn husks (separate them into individual pieces) over to your machine. Line your burlap pieces up one on top of the other and place a corn husk in between. Begin sewing these 3 pieces together.

STEP 3: Repeat Step 2 over and over again. Add a corn husk in between your fabric pieces and sew down. Repeat all the way until the end of the burlap runner strip.

STEP 4: Finishing off the end of your runner -- When you get to the end of your burlap strip, just roll the burlap two times to covered the frayed end of the fabric. Now cut your threads and take your runner to the ironing board. Continue to roll the fabric at the end of the runner over twice to hide the frayed end and iron it down. Go back to the sewing machine and topstitch over the end of the runner to create a nice, finished edge to your runner. Now go and do the same thing to the other end of the runner, finishing the edge of both ends.

Next it's time to sew the corn husks to the other side of your runner. Turn the runner around to repeat sewing the corn husks in between the two layers of burlap. When you're done with this step, you'll have a burlap runner with corn husks going down each side.

STEP 5: Making your burlap ruffle -- Take your small burlap strip pieces for your ruffle and using a wide zig-zag stitch, sew back and forth over a piece of dental floss (excellent to use for making a quick and easy ruffle). Zig zag all the way to the end of the strip, being careful not to actually sew onto your string. Once your done, cut your threads, leaving a longer piece of dental floss at each of the strip. Carefully pull on your dental floss to start creating small ruffles along your burlap strip.

STEP 6: Attaching your ruffle - Get your ruffle approximately the same length as your runner by pulling on your dental floss and adjusting your fabric. Once they are about the same length you can begin to sew the ruffle down. Turn the end of the ruffle strip under the back side of the runner to begin sewing. Now just top stitch the ruffle all the way down to the end of your runner. Finish off the ruffle ends like you did before and you are done, my friend.

And in the end, this is what you'll have. Yay, you! You did it!!

And now you'll have quite the conversation piece for your family Thanksgiving meal.

Isn't it pretty??
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FOR A NO-SEW METHOD: I think it's possible to make a similar version of this runner by using hot glue instead of a sewing machine if you don't sew. Follow all the same steps in cutting out your main pieces of the fabric runner and glue the corn husks in between the two pieces of burlap instead of sewing them. Then you may want to buy some ribbon, may brown grograin, and glue it on top of the burlap at the seam with the corn husks. It will add a little decorative touch -- not a ruffle necessarily, but I think it would still be pretty cute.


michelle said...

I love it! Burlap is so great to use in the fall.

Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe said...


Anders Ruff Custom Designs said...

That is precious! Love ruffles.

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

OHHHH my goodness I am in love with this table runner---how AMAZING! I am over here visiting from the Under the Table and Dreaming series....Loved your project over there too!!! :o) I feel honored to be in the same series as you!!!! I am a new follower for sure!
Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

Cindy Jenkins said...

I die! I'm dying! I'm dead! This is soooooooooooo amazing!!! I'm completely swooning over your table runner, and girl, I am so going to make this for my table! V.E.R.Y. N.I.C.E!

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