Monday, July 29

FREE Back to School Printables Set

It's a GREAT TIME to plan those BACK TO SCHOOL ACTIVITIES! And with the Amanda's Parties To Go FREE BACK TO SCHOOL PRINTABLE SET, you'll have so much fun while you are at it. This set is huge and packed full of so many adorable printable files. Use the CUPCAKE TOPPERS to make some classroom treats for the first day of school, use the treat bag toppers to dress up your child's school lunch, and be sure to use the 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL prints for your child's 1st day of school photos. I hope you will love this photos from Cris McGrath of Crissy's Crafts who styled this adorable Back to School party using the printables.

Cris tells us more about her party styling.....

"Back to School is always an exciting time for my children. We have a "Mom and Me Day" to purchase the school supplies, special first day outfit, new shoes, new lunch bag and backpack. 

This year is extra special since my son, Joey, will start Pre-K!! I want to celebrate Joey's milestone by having a Welcome/Back to School Party. 

For this party, I tried to keep the snacks simple but creative. For the sweet table, we enjoyed some erasers (Stacker Mallows), pencils (twisters), chalk  (marshmallow confetti), ABC chocolate letters, 123 chocolate numbers, bookworm cupcakes with the cutest cupcake toppers ever from Lynlee's Petite Cakes, gum ball apples, apple cake pops and adorable apple sugar cookies from Sugar on Top

Before they hit the sweet table, the children munched on apple shaped whole wheat ham and cheese sandwiches, bookworm grapes and apple juice.  I set up the goodies on my daughter's desk and used my son's vintage school desk to display some of their treats that they took home.

For the backdrop, I used a black bulletin board paper, embellished with a polka dot trimmer and the Back to School banner from the FREE Back to School printable.  As favors, the youngest took home a metal school box from full of goodies. The older children received a lunch sack from Jill Celebrations full of school supplies. 

Thanks to Jill Celebration's chalk place mats, the kids played tic-tac-toe while munching on their snacks. What a fun and creative idea! 

I also used the FREE Back to School printable to embellish their lunch boxes, snack bags, mason jars, goodie bags, and popcorn container.

One of my favorite DIY projects for this party is the crayon cupcake stand using crayons and toilet paper roll! So easy to make and definitely made the cupcakes stand out!

The kids had a ball playing memory game and back to school bingo, too. A fun way to kick of the school year! "

FREEBIE PRINTABLE Back To School Set Includes:

- Back to School sign
- 2" Welcome Back circles
- 2" Party circles for cupcake toppers
- 2.5" Polka dot background circles
- 4 Pennants for centerpiece picks
- Chalkboard "Back to School" tags
- Chalkboard "Snack time" tags
- Food/School Supply labels - fold over
- "Welcome Back" tags
- "Welcome Back" fold over treat bag toppers
- Polka dot water bottle wraps
- Apple and bookworm cut-outs
- "Welcome Back" banner
- Signs for first day of school photos: Pre-K through 6th grade


Cris McGrath of Crissy's Crafts: Party styling, photography, food and crafting
Amanda's Parties To Go: Back To School Printable Set Freebie
Lynlee's Petite Cakes: Fondant Bookworm Cupcake Toppers
*Golden*: Personalized Tees
Sugar on Top: Apple cookie
Celebrations by Jill: Fabric Bunting, Chalk Placemat, Lunch Sack
 Whimsical Printables: Mason Jar Toppers and Glittery Utensils Metal boxes
Dollar TreeHobby Lobby and Michaels: Party supplies
 Target: School bus container and pencil holder


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Do you have links to the Target items? I did a search and am not finding it. Also, the polka dot lunch bags. Is she not selling them anymore? Nothing is showing up in her store. Thanks! Decorating my school for registration now ~ it is A-Dorable!!

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