Wednesday, July 31

Little Pumpkin Party Set

Anyone have a "Little Pumpkin" in the house? Amanda's Parties To Go has an adorable printables set perfect for fall birthdays... OUR LITTLE PUMPKIN! This set includes so many great party decorations, sure to make your party planning easy. And your guests will be so impressed! Just take a look at some of the sweet decorations which can be used for both boys and girls too!

Cupcake toppers

 Sweet centerpiece picks

 Water bottle wraps

 Treat bag toppers for adorable party favors

 Full size candy bar wraps

Miniature candy bar wraps

 I love the Age (number) cut outs which can be used for cupcake toppers or food picks -- so cute!

  Bubble bottle wraps (Can also be used as napkin wraps)

 Hershey Kiss Circles

A "Guess How Many" game

 A "Happy Birthday (NAME)" banner personalized with your child's name

 Adorable pumpkin cut outs which can be used in so many ways... 

Set up a cute, fall themed table outside for party guests and let them paint pumpkins for an easy crafting activity

 Party signs include "Pumpkin Painting"

 Another party table could include drinks and pre-made lunches for the kids in farm-style wooden baskets

 How cute are these lunches? The sandwiches are even pumpkin-shaped using pumpkin cookie cutters and cheese balls were wrapped in orange tulle and tied with a green chenille stem. Include a water bottle and some apple sauce, too (I used a 3" circle punch to punch some papers from the collection to glue on top of the apple sauce to make it coordinate with the other party decor)

 Centerpieces were so easy with the printable scarecrow cut outs and other centerpiece designs from the collection

 Isn't this the sweetest party set? I hope you love it, too! You can view the full collection below:

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Unknown said...

In my field I harvest this pumpkin and it's adorable. Good for health and good for decoration. party favors

April said...

SO cute! I need to have a baby in the Fall now!

NatalieBishop said...

Where can I find the scarecrow heads on the sticks? Those are to stinkin cute!

NatalieBishop said...
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