Sunday, January 12

FREE Valentines Favor - Lollipop Cover

NEW FREEBIE for my wonderful readers! It's a

With a version for both girls and for boys, you can make simple, 
inexpensive but adorable treats for the whole class!
(Just click the link above to download the files)

Materials Needed: 
Photo paper
Small lollipop (no larger than 2.5" in diameter) - I purchased mine in a pack from Walmart - they were Wilton favor lollipops - similar ones can be found HERE and HERE
Scotch tape, ribbon
Hot glue

STEP 1: Use the back of a butter knife and ruler to score each grey line before folding. Then fold on each crease.
STEP 2: Overlap two bottom flaps lining up punched holes.

STEP 3: Secure flaps closed with a small piece of Scotch tape on each side.
STEP 4: Insert your lollipop through cover and into the hole punched at the bottom of the cover.

STEP 5: After pulling lollipop through secure with a small dot of hot glue at the base of the lollipop and cover to keep lollipop from sliding out.
STEP 6: Tie a small piece of tulle or ribbon around base of lollipop. Write name on back of cover.

Easy! And super cute, too! Enjoy!


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

You have the cutest printables! Thanks for this :)

lemondedis said...

these are too cute ! thanks a lot ! i shared the link here :

Adrian Ly said...

why the hell you make these look like a condom wrap!? and then have kids open them and start sucking wtfffffff stupid species

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