Friday, January 17

Valentines Day Freebie Printable - Full Owl Party Set!

What a FABULOUS FREEBIE I have to share with you for this VALENTINES DAY!
is a printables set packed full (44 files FULL!) of everything you'll need to make your classroom parties and home decorating easy and adorable this year!

Kate Petronis of And Everything Sweet, my amazing talented friend, put together the most detailed, sweet Valentines party for her daughters and their friends using the printables set. You will see so many amazing ideas here and I hope it might even motivate you to host your own little soiree.

follow the steps below:

1. CLICK ON THE FACEBOOK IMAGE BELOW to go to Amanda's Parties To Go's FACEBOOK PAGE. Once there, find the BLUE "Click Here" button next to the Like button and CLICK

2. A new page will open with a Download button. Click the Download button which will take you to the FREE VOWLENTINES PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD 

(NOTE: Some work places will block the file sending service website so please download from a home computer and not a phone. This FREEBIE IS FOR FACEBOOK USERS ONLY for their fabulous support of my small business. Facebook is a wonderful tool for a small business owner -- join Facebook to receive all of the Amanda's Parties To Go FREEBIES! Thanks everyone! )


missaarielle said...

How do I download the set if I don 't have a facebook page? said...

NM. Got it. Thx :)

(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Super cute! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

lemondedis said...

what a wonderful gift ! thank you very very very much ! i shared the link here : and there :

Mama Tully said...

THANK YOU so very much for another AMAZING free printable!!! I used this whole package for my daughter's preschool Valentines Day party. As the room parent it is hard to create amazing parties on a budget, but thanks to you, the kids had the most beautiful Valentien's Day party :)
I posted some photos on my blog if you'd like to see how I used some of your printables.

Thank you again!

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Totally adorable! So much cuteness! I love it. Thanks! ♥

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