Tuesday, July 27

What a Terrific Birthday!

So this was the year of the BIG one.



So I thought I'd pull a little trick from Wonderland and celebrate in more "Un-birthday" style. I didn't want any fanfare. No party. No hoop-la. No big deal.

Maybe if I did it that way, well, it wouldn't seem so monumental.

Originally, my husband and I had planned a trip to Cancun to this amazing resort. But then after a trip to Disney and the beach, I opted not to go all out with the big birthday trip, save some cash and go next year. So, in my mind, it would be business as usual.... normal day.... normal mommy routine.

But the dear Lord above, some fellow party bloggers and my sweet family had a few different ideas.....

It all started first thing, early on my birthday morning. I went to my computer..... the very same one that the previous day I had spent hours thinking my hard drive had crashed.... and what do you know??? It booted as usual..... everything was there..... and I CANNOT TELL YOU what a great start to the day that was!! My life, my work, everything my kids have done for the last 6 years..... it was all saved. Hallalujeh!!!

Next thing..... my daughter, knowing how upset I was over the weekend at myself for hastily throwing away a t-shirt, (months ago I might add), that all my kids wore when they were little, came in and said, "Mom, close your eyes. I have a present for you." And guess what?? There it was!! She had found it high on a shelf in her closet. That old, torn, magic marker-colored-on t-shirt that Jonathan brought Madison back from a bear hunting trip in Canada. I never knew how much that little thing meant to me until I thought I had gotten rid of it. Thank you, Macy! You made my day!

Next comes all the sweet Facebook messages and then the emails.... I got another great surprise when two bloggers in the party business found my fairy party and both said they'd like to feature it on their blogs. How wonderful.... birthday gift number 3!

And then my nephews (who are staying with us this week), my kids, me and Jonathan went out for a rousing night of bowling, beer and pizza (the beer -- only for me and Jonathan, of course!) It was actually supposed to be a romantic dinner for two, but when the boys came to stay, we turned it into a kid-friendly celebration. And I must say, not being the athletic one in the family, 40 was treating me right last night on those lanes. Yes, the 40 year old Mo-Jo even got me a few strikes and spares! It was a lot of fun, and probably an even better way to spend the night than a stuffy, old restaurant.

They were so thoughtful to get me a cake, lots of cards they had made, some balloons (which they made sure to show me said "Aged to Perfection" -- Ha!), and best of all, the boots I've been wanting all year stuffed full of chocolate and the t-shirts I wanted from our beach trip but wouldn't spend the money to buy.
And then, just when I think the day is done, Jonathan surprises me with a small little wrapped box on my pillow when I came to bed. And what a surprise it was!

A beautiful three-tiered diamond necklace, symbolic of our three amazing kids. I was stunned. Boots AND diamonds.... my goodness.... 40 Ain't So Bad After All!

Thanks Babe for making my Un-birthday so special.

You went all out.... even when I begged you not to. I love you!

And to my sweet, too-good-to-be-true children....

Mommy loves you and thanks you, too!


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