Thursday, March 31

Rainbow Sherbert Cakes

When I first saw the photo of this gorgeous dessert, a Rainbow Sherbert Cake from Capitol Charlotte, I couldn't get it out of my mind. Normally, I'm a bit of a choc-o-holic, but there's something about a few glimpses of spring that have made me go ga-ga for sherbert lately. So I did a little searching and found even more pretty sherbert desserts,
perfect for those Easter buffets we're all planning.

How about this beautiful Rainbow Sorbet Cake from Martha Stewart.
Wow, what a presentation!

And this beautiful version from Pillsbury as seen on Cute Everything
made with layers of angel food cake.

And another version from A Bitt of Raw... so pretty!

Isn't this one yummy looking from Delightful Desserts? So delicate and sweet.... this one would be beautiful for a little girl's tea party.

This jelly roll version from Betty Crocker also uses angel food cake
wrapped around three colors of sherbert.

How cool is this Rainbow Ice Cream cake from Taste of Home. Much simpler than it looks, ladies -- don't be intimidated. Just press a ring of sherbert inside of a circular pan and keep repeating for the various colors. After freezing, cut the circle in half and then place the two pieces back to back to create this fun dessert.

And just in case you aren't quite over the cupcake craze yet, Just Jenn Recipes has a sweet, bite-size sherbert treat.... Mini Rainbow Sherbert Cupcakes.

Aren't these great? And best of all, E-A-S-Y!!