Friday, April 29

Great Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

There is one thing for sure about starting your own business..... it creates a kind of warp speed in your life where things are passing by so quickly that it's almost too hard to believe. Case in point.... it's already the end of the school year! Didn't I just buy new backpacks and lunch boxes a couple of months ago? Right?

Nope, not right. It's here, SUMMER! Especially in Alabama! And the end of the year for my three kids always means a mad dash to find something wonderful to give to their teachers to show them how much we appreciate all that they do. Really... teachers have just about the most important jobs on earth..... training and teaching and molding our kids. So a sweet gift of appreciation is always appropriate this time of year. And I don't know about your kids, but mine are so excited to bring something special into the classroom for their teacher.

I thought I'd share a few cute ideas I've seen around the web.... some are super easy and some might require a bit more time, but all are do-able and adorable.


3 Four and Under makes amazing apple cookies using a cookie cutter
that she found at Joann's Craft store. I love this twist on the apple for your teacher.


This one is pretty cute, too. Mini Oreo apples from The Crafting Chicks as seen on
Skip To My Lou, one of my favorite websites.


Brooke from The Crafting Chicks uses mini Oreos, Airheads candy for the leaves, pretzels sticks, and red candy coating to make these adorable little treats, perfect for teacher gifts.


How Does She makes very useful gifts for teachers, personalized hand sanitizers. Teachers are always asking for this stuff by the bucketfuls!


Our Best Bites makes those super easy turtles using Rolos candies, pretzels and some nuts. These are one my personal favorite treats. So yummy!


And another version for your M&M loving teachers.


This is such a great idea for a gift display from the whole class. Family Fun shows us how to make a paper flower arrangement using the flowers as gift card holders. Love this!


Gift in a jar are always a hit. This one is a Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Quickbread from Sunset.


These fabric bookmarks are beautiful and functional and not too hard to make either. Just follow the tutorial from Little Birdies Secrets as seen on Skip To My Lou - not too hard at all.

I hope you are inspired to create something wonderful for your own kids' teachers.
They deserve the best.... who else can handle 25 kids all day long and
actually teach them something to! Kudos to teachers!


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Marlene Detierro said...

As a teacher myself for several years, I will be less diplomatic and say that some gifts I have received from students were similar to gifts you get as a kid from a great aunt who doesn’t really know what’s age appropriate or what your interests are. These are all great ideas!

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