Wednesday, January 11

Valentines "Owl Always Love You" Party

One of my favorite Valentines Parties from last year was the on Kate from And Everything Sweet created for her two little girls' Valentines playdate. I love the sweet little owl and all the details..... Kate is such a creative whiz!



We moms know how much fun it is for our kids to make crafts and Valentines Day is the perfect time to let them go at it with stickers, markers, glue and all the rest. Kate used store bought tin mini mailboxes and let the kids decorate their own to take home with them after the party.


Thanks Kate for always providing such wonderful inspiration to us all - your cakes, cookies and cupcakes are divine, and it looks like Olivia and her friends had a spectacular day!


San said...

only one word:


so cute!i love it!it´s a nice idea!

best regards


Stevie said...

OMG! I LOVE this party set! The owls are too cute.

Susanbrown said...

So cute!! I have a question, what are in the little heart containers on a stick? I bought some at the Dollar Store and want to know what to put in them.


Lisaqtkc said...

OMG! I LOVE this party set! The owls are too cute.