Tuesday, July 1

July 4th Activities for Kids

We are sharing some fun kids' craft and activity ideas for the upcoming July 4th holiday. Hands on patriotic activities will make the holiday more memorable for the kids and can help foster a true appreciation for this wonderful country. From tie-dye to keepsakes, pudding pops to printables, these activities are sure to get rid of those summer boredom blues!

1. DIY Tie-Dye t-shirt from School Time Snippets
2. Felt flag from Crafty Journal
3. Chalk fireworks art from Tutus & Tea Parties
4. Crown hat from Mamas Like Me
5. Uncle Sam paper plate from Spoonful 
6. Parade stick from Crafts by Amanda 
7. July 4th printable activities from Kids' Activity Blog
8. Handprint flag keepsake from B-Inspired Mama

9. Popsicle stick flags from Ginger Snap Crafts
10. Patriotic pudding pops from Raining Hot Coupons
11. Pinwheel printable from Alpha Mom
12. Fabric flag from Crafts N Coffee
13. Layered drinks from Moore Minutes
14. Fireworks in a bottle from No Twiddle Twaddle
15. July 4th flag from Spoonful
16. Duct tape flag from Crafts N Coffee 
Be sure to follow my JULY 4TH PINTEREST BOARD for even more Patriotic Party inspiration.

Check out our FREE July 4th Printables HERE.
And more Fabulous July 4th Ideas HERE.


Unknown said...

These are amazing for kids’ events and parties. Kids love activities and the will without doubt enjoy and have fun.

Patricia Carter said...

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Suzan Baker said...

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Unknown said...

It's very nice and useful! Kids will surely love it. Thanks for sharing. keep sharing!

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Bonala Mahithi said...

It is very interesting and informative for kids


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