Friday, November 19

Tutorial: Indian Corn Treat Bag

Today I have another little tutorial from the FREE Amanda's Parties To Go Kid's Thanksgiving Table Printable set.

If you don't have your FREE printables yet, click HERE for the details.

We're going to make the Indian Corn Treat bags seen above. These would be terrific on the table as a fun little treat or even for a sweet favor for classroom friends next week. So grab your materials, and let's get started. This one is super, super easy!


2" circle or scallop circle craft punch (if you don't have one, no biggie. Just cut the favor tag out in a square shape instead)
4"x6" jewelry bag (ziploc)
Scotch tape
Hole punch & scissors
Printable sheet of 2" Thanksgiving logos

Take your printed 2" logo sheet and punch out one of logos to make a favor tag

Now cut off the top of the jewelry bag ziploc -- you won't need the closure part. Fill your bag with Skittles -- not too full though. We don't want sugar-crazed kids at Thanksgiving!

Next, fold over one corner of the back of the jewelry bag and tape it down to create a point at the bottom of the bag to resemble corn.

Your next step is to take about 10+ strands of raffia cut to maybe 8"-10" long and wrap it around the top of the jewelry bag. Tie it in a knot to resemble the corn husk.

After tying off the bag, cut your raffia to get it even. And then attach your favor tag by punching a hole in it with a hole punch and stringing a piece of raffia through and tying it to the favor bag.

Isn't it cute? And so easy!! Yay, mom!!
I hope you are all getting your kids' Thanksgiving tables ready! They are going to LOVE their fun little "Mayflower with a Citrus Twist" table!


Cindy said...

Thanks for the freebies. I am hosting and was all set to make it fabulous with your printables. But,Grandma took over and has plans for the kids to make their own stuff. I'll have to save yours for next year. She is keeping them overnight to craft and plan, so I guess it's okay.

lovetheday said...

Holy smokes! You are one talented lady. All your ideas are so original and unique. I just love your work.

Amanda at Amanda's Parties To Go said...

I say a night with Grandma is DEFINITELY worth sacrificing a little Thanksgiving craft project! Until next year!

And Lindi,
You are mighty talented yourself!! Thanks for your too kind words -- it's been a little busy around here lately, so that's really a nice thing to hear!

Happy Thanksgiving to you both!


Elizabeth said...

These are adorable! Don't look too tricky either, my kind of project :)

Maggie Lamarre said...

Thank you much for being our Guest this week, you are beyond amazing.
I luv luv your colours so vibrant and cheerful.

Susie at Not So Shabby said...

I asbolutely LOVE all of your ideas. Just got my freebie of kid's table stuff and can't wait to get started. We are also hosting my husband's whole family ~ there will be 28 of us with only 4 of those being kiddos. Do you have a source for ordering the premium photo paper, soft gloss finish?
SO THANKFUL for you!! :)

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