Friday, December 3

Candy Christmas Trees

In keeping with all things holiday, I wanted to share a great tutorial I saw on C.R.A.F.T. today. Jamie has a wonderful, crafty website and a super easy idea for decorating your home this Christmas -- Candy Trees! Yum!

Well, OK, you really shouldn't eat them, but they are very cute nonetheless. Take a look.

Aren't they beautiful? And so easy, too. Easy enough for a little family holiday project.... that is if you can keep the kids from eating all the candy first!

These are a few of Jamie's materials.... spice gumdrops, cherry slice gumdrops, peppermint puffs and m&m's. She also uses heavy duty poster board to create the tree forms, some hot glue, a knife, a cutting board, packing tape and some marshmallows.

These are her tree forms..... she cut heavy duty poster board and formed it into a cone shape and wrapped it all tightly with packing tape.

Jamie cut the gumdrops in half to save a little on candy and it also helps with the stickiness factor.

Next she layers them down the cardboard tree until the form is covered.

She uses various candies and patterns to create a beautiful holiday display. I just love these! I think they might even last a few years if you packed them away carefully in some oversized ziploc storage bags, too.

I hope Jamie's project inspired you as much as it did me! I'm still praying for a few more hours in the day -- too many great projects and not enough time! Be sure to check out C.R.A.F.T. for more fabulous tutorials and ideas!


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