Thursday, December 23

Snowman Handprint Ornaments

If you are anything like me you might be feeling a little wistful about the craziness of the season and how you'd like to slow down and spend some quality time with the kids. That mama-guilt thing is treacherous!! Well, I've got a cure-all..... a sweet family project sure to be a great way to make a memory. Just look at these Snowman painted handprint ornaments from Eighteen 25 .

Just a few small canvases, some paint, paintbrushes, ribbon and sharpie markers and you've got a fun craft and adorable keepsake to hang on your tree. Remember to sign and date them on the back, too.

And just in case you are having trouble finding small canvases, you can always try this version from Twigs and Curls using a small wood plaque.

Have fun and make sure to share your crafts with me on FACEBOOK -- I'd love to see all of your creations!



Susie at Not So Shabby said...

amanda I continue to LOVE your blog...i have a request for the new year...i would LOVE to know the blogs that you frequent on a daily or every other day otherwords, what are the blogs that you absolutely HAVE to visit even if it's a busy day? I have a feeling that I would LOVE them as well :)

Susie at Not So Shabby said...

amanda I continue to LOVE your blog...i have a request for the new year...i would LOVE to know the blogs that you frequent on a daily or every other day otherwords, what are the blogs that you absolutely HAVE to visit even if it's a busy day? I have a feeling that I would LOVE them as well :)

Anonymous said...

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Green Door Girl said...

cute idea!!! Too bad I didn't see this before Christmas - will have to try this for next year. I hope you and the fam had a great holiday and so far a good new year!

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Mary said...

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