Tuesday, March 8

Pot of Gold Cupcakes

I love a lady who makes really cute desserts, especially the ones that look like a million bucks but are really super easy to make. Kristan from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen is one of those girls, and today I'm sharing her oh, so cute Pot of Gold Cupcakes.


Aren't these adorable? She featured them for a little St. Patrick's Day celebration idea, but how perfect would these be for rainbow parties or Wizard of Oz parties, too?


Kristan makes good use of easy to find grocery store candies like licorice, mini m&m's, dark chocolate candy coating and doughnut holes to create the most adorable decorations for her St. Patty's Day green cupcakes.

She says, "I cut some inexpensive wooden skewers in half, inserted them in donut holes, and dipped in melted candy. I used dark chocolate candy melts, colored with black candy coloring (I usually buy my candy coloring at Hobby Lobby or Michaels).

Stick the skewers in a block of styrofoam or floral foam and while wet, attach a cut piece of black licorice and yellow mini M&M's. Make sure the M&M's don't all lay flat--you want some of them standing up to give dimension. Once set, stick skewers in cupcakes frosted with green frosting. I sprinkled my frosting with these pretty green sugar pearls."

Ingenious, don't you think? To save a little more time, you could even buy the cupcakes from the grocery store, too, and then it's just a matter of making the pots of gold. Adorable!

Be sure to visit Kristan's fun website -- she's got so many fabulous, easy creations from her kitchen and she's sure to bring out a belly laugh, too!