Tuesday, March 15


It's so much fun to discover new party ideas and these cake push pops are one of the best I've seen in a while.

Kate Petronis from And Everything Sweet made these ADORABLY CREATIVE rocket ship cake push pops for her client's Toy Story birthday party. Little Hayden was turning two and his mom wanted him to have a special treat for his birthday. I still can't get over how cute these are!

Kate used these disposable plastic cake push pops tubes (now sold out from all the party lovers trying to horde them!), and stuffed them with layers of cake and icing. Next she turned them into perfect little rocket ships using a few pieces of craft foam and some orange and yellow tissue paper for fire.

And that's not all..... Look how cute Hayden's rocket ship smash cake is!
That Kate is one talented girl!

And if you're like me and can't get enough of this cute idea, Kate has another blog post with more cute CAKE PUSH POPS like these pirate themed pops.....

And these sweet little Princess Party Pops. I love how easy these are to make.... no painstaking steps to perfect your royal icing techniques..... just layer it all in and voila! You're a genius!

Now if they would just get these babies back in stock!