Thursday, March 3

{ Spring Party Week } - Bug Out Bug Party!

Let's face it.... all the cute parties are for girls. If you've got boys, well, it's pretty much Transformers and Spongebob and "cute" turns commercial in the blink of an eye. Ah, but occasionally.... if you dig really deep in the party blogs, you can find a "Wow-za" kind of birthday party -- yes, even for boys. And this great party from Joanne of Oh Goodie Designs is one of those kinds of parties.

Joanne worked on a bug theme for her client's son, Tate, who was turning six -- a perfect party theme for boys, but fun for the girls who are invited, too. And somehow, even with rainy, bad weather outside, she managed to throw a great party filled with fun. The kids had a ball with all of Joanne's ideas for "bug-gy" party activities and her table full of creatively named garden food.


Joanne used printables by Pen and Paper Flowers to help carry out the Bug Theme. From water bottle labels to straw embellishments, cupcake toppers and buggy food labels, the party printables are a terrific and easy way to set the tone for your party.

I love her tissue paper party poms, too. They are simple to make -- quick, too --
and make quite a big statement for a little price.

Joanne had her favorite face painter come and paint the kids' faces and hands with all sorts of bugs.... spiders, lady bugs, bumble bees, and more. This party activity is always a fun one for kids..... nothing says fun better than a GIANT bug on your face!


Each guest received a little bug holder box for keeping their bugs safe after catching them all over the house with their $1 bug nets that Joanne found at Target (the Dollar Tree usually carries these as well).

The kids also took home some cute insect silly bands and, my favorite, a mason jar bug light filled with shredded green paper, some plastic bugs and a glow in the dark necklace. What a fantastic idea! You could even turn this one into a craft at the party and have the kids make their own bug lights.


Oreo "dirt" cupcakes add a great touch to the buggy food table. I especially love all of Joanne's creative ideas for food names: Honey Bites (Bit 'o Honey), Beetle Bugs (M&Ms), Ants on a Log (chocolate covered pretzels), Worm Holes (powdered donuts), Caterpillar Pop (popcorn), Dragon Snaps (candied colored popcorn), Bug Bites (bug gummies), Rolly Pollies (Milk Duds), and Worms (gummy worms).

Joanne made another party activity by drawing an empty bug jar on paper and making multiple copies for the kids. Each child then used bug stickers and crayons to decorate their own bug jars and fill them full of insects.

And the look on Tate's face says it all..... "This was the best bug party ever!" Joanne has more photos and details on her blog, so be sure to head on over if you've got the bug party itch!


JC's Loft said...

Mom of 2 boys here so I always get excited when I see a super cute boy party! LOVE this and I know my son would to. So cute!


jo anne said...

Thanks so much!! what a sweet surprise!! THis made my day!! Actually, he is not my son, but a customer!! LOL! i did his Splash Bash for his 5th birthday the year before!! again, thanks so very much!!

Amanda's Parties TO GO said...

Sorry about that Joanne! He's a cutie! Great party!