Tuesday, March 1

{ Spring Party Week } - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When it comes to party tables, and well, with almost everything else, too..... one stunning detail can make all the difference. This bright and colorful rainbow party from Siobahn of Hip Hooray is the perfect example. Just look at this gorgeous tablecloth!

Even at first glance, you know this is going to be a great party. Layer upon layer of colorful ruffles say it all..... we're going to have lots of F-U-N!


This talented party planner designed a special celebration for her daughter Mia's 6th birthday, one that fit her personality perfectly. Siobahn describes her daughter as "a constant whirlwind of colour - from what she chooses to wear to the art she creates and everything in between, there is simply no place for black in her world."

A rainbow theme couldn't have been a better choice. Siobahn says, "Mia celebrated being 6 amidst a cascade of gorgeous colour - fun rainbow ruffles, umbrellas, yellow gumboots, ribbon wands, a surprising cake and a sugar rush of rainbow-inspired treats."


I'm loving the details..... the upside down hanging colorful umbrellas along with the ruffled tableskirt really set the tone. And how fun is that cake? You can find the recipe and a how-to guide at Whisk Kid.

Did you notice the doughnut "rainbows"? So smart!


Those yellow rubber boots are adorable, especially with the umbrellas hanging overhead. And the ribbon wands are quick to make and so much fun for the birthday guests. They make a sweet keepsake for the girls, too.

Colorful striped ribbon tied around clear boxes filled with jelly beans are a terrific take-home favor and tie in so well with the rest of the color filled table. Fondant rainbow cupcakes and pots of chocolate "gold coins" complete the rainbow theme.

For party activities, Siobahn downloaded a sweet coloring page for the girls from Style Me Gorgeous, and included some colorful clays for the girls to mold into fun shapes, too.

Siobahn says, "What I loved most about this playdate is that it felt elaborate without being expensive or stressful to create. I pulled it off with only two days at hand after our camping holiday, including the sewing of the oh-so-ruffley rainbow table skirt."

Be sure to check out Hip Hooray for all the details on this memorable party. I hope it inspires you to throw a gorgeous Rainbow bash for your own little one, or maybe even take some of these ideas and turn it into a Wizard of Oz party. How fun would that be!

And while we're talking rainbows, check out these great rainbow cupcake ideas.....

Family Fun shows us how to make these adorable multi-colored cupcake treats.

And these rainbow cupcakes made from, of all things, Airheads candies. Wow, how smart.
I think I'm about ready to throw a rainbow party!



Chefs.com said...

Amei essa festinha...as cores deram um ar divertido e alegre.

Katherine said...

Love this- the rainbow colors are so cheerful! Sharing this via Twitter!

Christina @ Cookies are my Canvas said...

That table skirt is so stinkin fun!! I'm collecting ideas for a Wizard of Oz party for my youngest daughter! Love your blog!