Thursday, June 9

Father's Day Ideas & FREEBIES (Part 2)

The ideas and freebies keep coming for Father's Day. So many creative gals out there -- just take a look at their goodies that are simple to make and sometimes even FREE!


Adorable shirt-look gift bags made from white paper bags from Fave Crafts


And a cutie neck tie cookie from Munchkin Munchies


Or these from Somewhat Simple with a fabulous how-to to show us all that we, too, can make cookies like these.


And from the girls at Eighteen25 just take a look a this creative idea for Dad's snack mix. 
Why didn't I think of that?


What about their other great Father's Day idea.... a tin of "tokens" for dad where 
the kids can write in their own messages for dad. Love this!


Along the same lines as the dad tokens are these checks for dad from Parties by Hardie 
where the kids can make up coupons for good deeds for dad.


Nothing But Country has lots of fun ideas for dad like this "Love you to Pieces" tag.


And this AWesome Dad tag for tying to some A&W Root Beer


And we can't forget their amazing little fishing pole cupcakes as seen on Tidy Mom. Adorable, right?


Here's another great freebie for dad from Living Locurto - some tags and notes for your #1 Dad.

I'll have a few more ideas to post next week so stay tuned. In the meantime, I hope you are all inspired to create something extra special for dad next weekend!


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