Thursday, June 30

Feature on Under the Table and Dreaming!

Hello Everyone! I have exciting news to share! Today I'll be over at Stephanie Lynn's website Under the Table and Dreaming sharing a fun and quick centerpiece idea for the July 4th holidays! What an honor to be asked by Stephanie Lynn to be a part of her Celebration Inspiration Week! I was thrilled at the opportunity to contribute on one of my favorite websites, in fact, Under the Table and Dreaming was one of the first websites that I came across in Blogland that made me say, "WOW!"

Stephanie Lynn is a crafter with a sophisticated soul. She amazes me with her style and creativity and somehow always seems to find the best of the best on the web to share with all of her readers. It is truly a special day for me, and I hope you will all join me there for a great centerpiece idea, a FREEBIE printables set to go with it, and some photos of a July 4th table I put together for the feature.


While you're visiting Stephanie Lynn, be sure to hop over to yesterday's post on a GIVEAWAY I'm doing for a FREE Full party package and invitation set from my Etsy shop!!

It's getting close to weekend time -- I hope you are all making fabulous plans for the 4th!



Patti J said...

Hi Amanda! My friend Tracy just bought your Sesame Street Elmo package for her son's birthday mid-July. I'm actually 'building' the party for her, and wanted to tell you that this kit is such a joy! What an easy way to give a little boy a magical, wonderful birthday! I'll be sure we send you some photos! Thanks, have a great day!

Unknown said...

congrats on the feature! :)

Anonymous said...

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