Thursday, December 15

FREE Reindeer Food Tags

Reindeer food is certainly not a new idea but my kids have loved it each and every Christmas. It's become a Christmas tradition to go outside before bed on Christmas Eve and pour the reindeer food out on the lawn.... waiting, waiting, waiting for those reindeer to come!

This year I decided to create a sweet little tag and poem for my kindergartner to make gifts for his classroom friends. And I've decided to give it away FREE to anyone signing up for our mailing list! I hope it will help you with those last minute treats for your kids' class parties this holiday season.

To make the gifts, you'll need to gather your supplies to make the reindeer food....
no worries... it's easy, peasy!


- Oatmeal (I used the whole can for 21 kids)
- Bottles of Christmas colored sugars
- Christmas sprinkles
- Glitter

Pour everything together in a big bowl and stir to mix.

Employ your best helpers to spoon the mixture into small plastic bags. I found these in a pack of 100 on the wedding supplies aisle at Walmart. To keep the bag open for my little one, I used a toilet paper roll inside the bag and had him spoon the reindeer food over a plastic bowl. This caught much of the spills so that I won't find glitter and oatmeal under every crevice for the next 3 months.

Once you get your bags filled, punch holes in your printed reindeer food tags and string some ribbon or tulle through to seal off the bags and make them pretty.

The tags will explain to your child's friends just how this reindeer food works....

Here's our basket full and all ready to go.

Grab your Reindeer Food FREEBIE
by joining our mailing list - It's Easy!
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We'll send you these adorable Reindeer Food Tags!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

PLEASE NOTE: After signing up with your name and email, a confirmation email will be sent to you with an activation link. You must click this link to then receive your newsletter email with the FREEBIE DOWNLOAD. With the hundreds of daily emails I receive through the shop, I will not be able to answer personal emails about the freebie downloads.


Creative Raisins said...

I love this, I do it with my kids every year.

Tracey said...

Adorable! Thanks so much for sharing. Merry Christmas!

Cheryl said...

Darling! I am going to do this with my kids this year. Thanks for the cute!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

This is an adorable idea! We celebrate Hanukkah but I bet the kids would love to leave some reindeer food just in case Santa decided to stop by :)

Amanda's Parties TO GO said...

That's great, Staci! I love that idea!

Glad everyone is enjoying the new freebie!

Lisa braccia said...

Very cute!

Melinda said...

We just finished making these, they are absolutely adorable! Thank you so so much for sharing them with us!!

Honey I'm Home Blog said...

What a darling idea & a great website. I am excited that I found you & I am following! Yipee!

Warmly, MIchelle

Erin said...

Thank you for this! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much I made these for my grandkids!! They will love them. Merry Christmas

PS I do have a question how to I get my printables to be a bright in color as your?

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask: what program are you using to make the circle tags, or are you just stamping and then copying many times. I was trying to find a program that is easy to use. thank you, D. Cas

Anonymous said...

There is somebody named AllisTaylor trying to sell this (your free printable) for $25 on etsy. I justed happened to be looking for reindeer food tags and saw this.

Anonymous said...


Stephanie.Fitness said...

I do this with my boys every year and we love it!! Thank you for the wonderful FREE printables. I am in charge of my little boys 1st grade Christmas party this year and I will be making them with his class.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea, I omit the glitter and use extra sanding suger to make it totally edible for the reindeer!

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

Love these! :) My kids made reindeer food for their friends at church, and I just printed these tags up for them- thanks so much for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you these are beautiful. I do this every year with my pre-K class. If I may suggest to use something other than glitter it is dangerous to the birds and other animals.

Lization said...

Thank you, thank you for the free printable. We are doing this for our 2nd grade class party and you just saved me from having to design one from scratch (no time)
Happy holidays and thank you for your generosity!

Anonymous said...

These are adorable! I'm just about to make them and was wondering how you put your child's name on them? Thank you, these are perfect!

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this fab printable

Unknown said...

Hi! I Just found this amazing post over on Pinterest. It is a wonderful post and the printables are adorable. Thank you as I will be using these for my kids Christmas Eve box this year. I hope you don't mind, but I linked this on my blog too, as it is just too wonderful not to share. I hope it brings you a few new visitors :)

Sophie x

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sophie! That sounds wonderful!


Emily Carnes said...

Are you still offering these free?? I entered my email to sign up for your posts, but I haven't gotten anything yet. :(

I'd love to use these tags for my classroom kiddos on Friday!

Unknown said...

I am trying to download the cute reindeer food tags...I haven't gotten and email to confirm for that one, but have gotten one from your main site. At this point I would love to just pay for them and get them! LOVE them!!

Vbryce said...

I can't seem to get the link for these either:(. I would love to have them for tomorrow! So cute!

Uncle D said...

Signed up. Got confirmation email. Clicked link. and no newsletter with free printable. Would love to have these for tomorrow night.

Penny L. said...

I signed up (and did the confirmation) so that I could download the Reindeer food freebie.....but I can't find it!!! It doesn't seem to be there? Please help. I would really love that adorable link.

Maretta said...

I signed up as well and received the confirmation, but no download of Reindeer Food freebie found...I need these for tomorrow....

EverydayMe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosie said...

I am already subscribed, but I can't access the link for the freebies. Can you tell me how I can download them? I really love the reindeer food printable. Darling!

Unknown said...

Hi, love these reindeer food printable!! I will be doing this with my Kinder class. I clicked on the link to subscribed and activated the email but I don't see where I can print them up?? Thank you!

Unknown said...

Once I click the link in my email it simply comes back to the main post. No downloads. Very sad...

Dan said...

I couldn't access after subscribing! Your work is beautiful!

November Mommy said...

I just want to say I love this printable!! Thank you for offering it! :)
For the recent ones that signed up and say they couldn't get the link.... I thought the same thing. I have Gmail so if you do too... check your "Promotions" tab in your inbox. That is where the email from her was sent with the download link in it. :)
Hope that helps!!

Thanks again!

Sue Murphy said...

These are the cutest tags! We do this every year with a little note but I LOVE these! Thank you so much for your creation! PS I checked out some of your other work and it is AMAZING!!
thanks again

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