Wednesday, December 21

Peppermint Swirl Icing from Edible Details

Hi everyone!
Brittany from Edible Details here to share my
personal trick to making the perfect
"Peppermint Swirl Icing"
for any last minute holiday cupcakes this week.

This tutorial shows the use of a white icing with red stripes, however it would also be really cute done with red stripes and pink icing for either Christmas or Valentines Day.

With the addition of just a hint of peppermint extract to your icing, you'll really get the wow factor from your guests. Try it on a chocolate cupcake, or perhaps a peppermint flavored white cake.

Mix together approximately 1 tsp red GEL food coloring and 1 tsp white royal icing. (This will thicken it enough to paint with and make the dye less concentrated for eating)

Using a paint brush, paint the mixture in streaks inside your piping bag, no wider than 1/4".

Fill your painted bag with your favorite white icing that has been infused with a bit of peppermint extract. My personal favorite is "Italian Buttercream", however any recipe will work.

Pipe icing onto cupcakes, trying to keep at 2 swirls per cupcake.

To add a little more detail (and cuteness) Top with a shiny red candy,
such as a large "cherry Sour"

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas with your family!

Thank you, Brittany! I've always wondered how the experts make this work. Great trick!

Be sure to visit Edible Details for the most amazing
fondant creations to coordinate with any party theme.


lunata said...

Parece fácil, y el resultado es muy bonita y apetecible.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's too cool! Thanks for the teaching that trick :)

Erin said...

This is so cool! I just pinned this so I can make cool cupcakes too! Thanks!

Mighty Morgan said...

I love simple..yet such a stunning result!!

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