Sunday, September 26

Auburn Family..... ALL IN!!!

We spent the day yesterday tailgaiting and heading to the stadium for the game last night. I've been so busy lately, it was GREAT to have a little family time and see some friends (in fact, I saw 2 that I hadn't seen in probably 15 years!!) It was a beautiful day.... great gameday weather. The kids bought all the junkfood they could possibly stand, and I loved spending a little time with them with no parties ANYWHERE in site!! Here are a few picts from the day:

Let's Get it Started! Macy sportin' the Tiger tail.

Jacob was loving his Finger. It was in all of our faces all night!!
(He even came down the stairs with it on this morning! Dye-hard I tell ya!)

Jonathan, Kevin, Heather & Sullivan at Tiger Walk

Stuart Up Front, Tiger Walk - waiting for Aubie!

I can't believe how big she is! Next year she'll probably be towering OVER me!!

Best seat in the house!
Whooo - Hoooo! Go Tigers!
Weagle! Weagle! War Damn Eagle!

Uhhhh........ feeling a little lightheaded up here!

It doesn't get much better than this!

Well, maybe it does.... 4-0!!!