Tuesday, September 14

Happy BRUFFDAY Charlie!

I feel like I could start out every post by saying, "Sorry it's been so long! This has been THE busiest time of my life!" But at some point, probably a point a very long time ago, that just gets old. So here I am, weeks after our little doggie Charlie's birthday, and I'm just now posting the pictures. But oh there are SO MANY GREAT reasons why! Shindig is coming along.... and there are new things in store that I'm super excited about! Details to come soon, but if you like all the party details from the pictures in this post, you will LOVE my new Shindig news. I'll try to get everything ready for an announcement in the next week or so, so stay tuned!

My little ones, and especially my little Macy, have begged and begged for a 1st birthday party for our Cavapoo Charlie. So the day before, under a mountain of other Shindig party projects, I threw together this little doggie soiree. It came out really cute, and the kids had such a great time inviting a few close friends and their doggies to celebrate.

Macy lovin on Charlie. She was so excited, she just about
drove me crazy that week begging for that party!

The doggie (and people!) food table

"Pup-cakes" (for the kiddies) with personalized cupcake toppers that said

"Let's Pawty!" ....."Happy Bruffday!"..... "1" ..... and "Charlie"

Personalized doggy paw cups with "Woof!" straw flags

Also for the kids, bone-shaped sugar cookies with multi-color sprinkles

And yes, these are actually for the dogs.... They were hungry too!

"Bow-wow-nies" for the kiddies

"Pup-corn" and "Doggy Tails" for the kids as well

And the dogs loved their "Paw-reos." I found the doggie cookies at Walmart and added a little people decoration to them. I kind of thought, "The dogs will be fine eating a touch of sugar.... Charlie eats from our trash all the time and he seems perfectly fine to me!"

And doggie bags to go.... Some for the dogs with doggie treats and some for the kids with Skittles

And Charlie's friends.... Jackson and Manning and Shug

Kate and Banjo

Everyone hanging out

Singing Happy Bruffday, and uh, yeah, I made him his own Doggie Smashcake!

You can't have a 1st birthday without a smashcake!

Happy Bruffday Charlie!

We love you!

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