Thursday, September 23

PUMAS on the PROWL!!

Gosh, we're lucky!! The schools in this town are F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.!!! Yesterday, my oldest had her first pep rally at her new middle school. Excellent school.... AMAZING principle (you may know Mrs. Debra Bebe from Survivor a few seasons back!) and home of the GREATEST pep rally I've ever been to.... YES, for 6th and 7th graders. The whole school was rockin, teachers included, war paint on, cheers practiced and ready, band fired up..... it was unbelieveable!

There are so many 6th & 7th graders (1,600) that they divide every grade up into teams and the pep rallies are all about out-cheering the other teams. They've got signs, BIG signs, a whole lot of face paint, glittery hair, team mascots, flags, shakers, the whole bit. I had such a great time it even made me want to go back to 6th grade!

The mood was electric -- the kids were so pumped up

See what I mean?? PUMPED UP!

I came to paint some Puma faces

And I got pretty lucky to get my baby, too

She was quite the giggle box today

Oh yeah.... even their hands were in the spirit

Casey and Maddie - how much fun is that??

Music was blaring, drums were beating, kids and teachers were chanting! And this picture is only one half of the gym

Here's the other half -- see how many kids!! And that's only 1/2 the school. It's so big, they have 2 pep rallies back to back for the other half of the school.

Madison and her friends had so much fun -- What a Great Memory!!

Thanks to all those wonderful, supportive and CRAZY teachers -- you're the Best!