Wednesday, January 5

Be My Valentine?

Well HELLO out there! Wow, it's been a while! I apologize for my absence, but I took a much needed break from Bloggerland while I spent some family time with my sweet children and husband over the holidays. I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas and a very happy new year!

I've also been really busy setting up a new computer system (switching from a PC to a Mac - whew, that was no small feat!) And I've been changing some things around in my shop, so be sure to check out a few new designs and greatly reduced prices on complete party packages. I hope to keep adding more and more.... keep those party ideas coming to me! I love to hear what my customers want for their amazing parties.

So I'm back to blogging and ready to share a couple of cute things I've seen on the web for Valentine's Day..... Yes, Valentine's Day. What is it with us Americans.... holiday after holiday! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and now Valentines. I kind of like Valentines myself..... how else do you find an excuse to eat ALL the chocolate you want while you husband jumps through hoops to buy you flowers and a great dinner out -- that's my kind of holiday!

And even better if he bought me some of these amazing cake pops from Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats. YUM. They're so pretty it's hard to imagine eating them..... well, maybe not too hard.

Audrey from Sweet Cheeks even said she would post a tutorial of these delicious little delights sometime next week, so stay tuned.

And wouldn't this be a wonderful Valentine's decoration for your front door or over your mantle? No more paper hearts and doilies -- we're all grown up now. We've graduated to a big girl wreath.

I found the photo at I'm a Yarner, and the creator said she would post a tutorial soon. Until then, here's the lowdown...... It's all made from a 12" foam wreath and red cardstock. She said she rolled the roses each day at work and then would glue them on at night. After she got all of the roses in place, she used spray adhesive and then glitter to gussy it up a bit. (Is "gussy" a word anyone uses anymore?)

Gorgeous, huh??

I hope to post some more great ideas for Valentines soon and maybe I'll design a little Valentine FREEBIE for all of you, too.

Have a great day keeping up with all those new resolutions!


Modern Mindy said...

Oh my goodness, that wreath is sooo cute!

Natalie of said...

gorgeous!! just came across your blog and LOVE it. you are so creative! i'm a follower now for sure. :)

Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Rose Cake Pops! I plan on posting a tutorial this know...just in case you're not gifted any, you can go ahead and make them yourself ;)

Bonnieuujx said...

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