Tuesday, January 11

Chocolate Fudge Strawberry Cupcakes

I must confess..... I have a THING for cupcakes. Such a "thing" that if they are in the house, it's really hard not to eat every single one. So hard, in fact, that I'm ashamed to admit there have been times.... low, low moments.... when I've hidden cupcakes from my kids so that right after they're off to school, I can eat the very last ones.

And these gorgeously decadent cupcakes that I saw on Tidy Mom might just lead me down that shameful path again.

YUM! Best of all, they are filled with strawberry whipped cream. FILLED. Did I say YUM?

Tidy Mom gives all of us the recipe and a great set of how-to photos as well.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, too. I think I might have to practice on a few batches to get them just right. Maybe then, if I make a few batches, I'll be nice enough to share them with my husband and kids. Maybe.....

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Michelle said...

Yum, those look great! I have been enjoying your blog so much since I found you, please stop by me and say hello soon!