Monday, January 31

Crepe Paper Rosettes

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time to get busy with some cute craft projects with my kiddos. And now that my girls are getting a little older, the crafts are taking on a bit more sophisicated flair. I came across these fabulous ideas using crepe paper rolls to make gorgeous flowers and thought these would be a perfect fit. You can't get much cheaper that crepe paper -- 2 rolls for a $1.00 at the Dollar Tree! And lots of colors, too. I just love these little flowers..... it sends my brain into overdrive thinking of all the cute possibilities from embellishing picture frames for the girls' rooms to covering their initials on their bedroom walls and, of course, all the fantastic ways you could use these to decorate party tables..... You know me.... always thinking of parties!

Look at this pretty wreath made of the rosettes in different colors of crepe paper
from Tales from an OC Cottage. She used only a paper plate and the crepe paper
for supplies - cheap and pretty.... just my style!

Aren't these so pretty?

And these pomanders from Momma and Da Boyz would look so pretty hanging in my oldest daughter's room. She would be so proud to make these and display them in her room.

Momma and Da Boyz shows you step-by-step how easy making the roses are using styrofoam balls and a few colors of crepe paper.

After scrunching the rolls up to add a little texture and then laying the paper flat again, she folds one side of the paper roll down about 1/3 of the way. The she starts the rolling and twisting process.

And eventually..... with much more detailed instructions on her blog.... ends up with these little pretties. Wouldn't these be beautiful to use in decorating a Valentine's dinner table? I can see them as napkin rings or tied to the base of a wine glass to add a special "lovey" touch, or even a beautiful bouquet of them as a centerpiece. So sweet!

Enjoy your day today! And don't forget to drop by the Dollar Tree and grab some crepe paper!



JC's Loft said...

I've been seeing these everywhere, so pretty! I need to look closer at that tutorial : )


Anonymous said...

Amanda, those paper crepe rosettes look so very beautiful! I've lost touch with my creativity lately :(, but maybe I'll get in sync to actually make some of those for our family Valentine's dinner. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

{oc cottage} said...

Oh my gosh! That Momma did an amazing job! I just new that someone with a flair could really make the crepe paper work for them and look much more realistic...well, you realistic as paper roses can be! ;}

m ^..^

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