Tuesday, February 1

More Cute Valentine's Treats!

With so many fabulous ideas out there for Valentines Day projects, I thought I'd share a few more today. And these are truly so simple that you could whip them up in minutes with a few store-bought ingredients. First up.....

It doesn't get much cuter than this!
"Love-Bug" Marshmallow Pops from the Decorated Cookie.

And the next goodies are all from Suzie's Confections, using all easy-to-find ingredients such as these large pretzel sticks and covering them in melted candy coating and sprinkles.

Buy a bag of fortune cookies and dip them in the candy coating and sprinkles, too.
These would make a great favor for friends and teachers.

These are chocolate covered rice krispy bites.

And graham cracker sticks covered in chocolate and sprinkles rounds out the super-easy, super-quick Valentines' ideas. I love all of these projects because they allow even busy moms a way to have fun and be creative with the kids.

Only a week or so before those classroom parties -- we better get on the ball!


Melissa Jo said...

Hey girl, cute blog! I came across your blog looking for other Auburn folks... WAR EAGLE!

I'm a new follower!

Orange Peanut said...

So yummy!!! I featured you on my blog (http://orangepeanut.com )

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Thanks for sharing, Megan