Saturday, February 26

{ Paper Crafting Week } - Paper Rose Pomander Pinata

I just couldn't stop with 5 posts for my Paper Crafting Week -- I had to add one more in! This is such a great idea, and just simply gorgeous, that I had to include it as well.

Nicole of Tradewinds Tiaras has a brilliant idea for a homemade party pinata using paper roses. Yes, that beautiful pomander is filled with treats and goodies and, well, yes, it's about to be beaten to death by many little sugar-starved children. But it's pretty, right?

If you have the heart to create something this beautiful and then have it completely destroyed by little ones, Nicole has a wonderful tutorial on Kate Landers Events.

Nicole actually used a 24" round balloon and made a paper machie pinata herself out of newspaper and glue, but I think I would go buy a soccer or baseball pinata to make the 1st step a little quicker. Then she proceeded to make about 300 tissue paper roses to cover the ball shaped base. Here are her supplies for the roses.

Nicole uses a stapler to hold the rose together. How simple!

And the 300 roses before they were attached to the paper mache ball with hot glue.

Nicole made this pinata at her Cornish Fairy party for her daughter. This party is a STUNNER - you must go see all the details on Nicole's blog. Just take a look at her dessert table display.

And the tiered fondant cake she made.... yes, she MADE it!

What a pretty backdrop, too.

And a favorite, the sucker "topiaries" - she shows us how to make these as well.

And her sweet fabric mushrooms springing up all over the woods.

Nicole has so many amazing ideas. Be sure to visit Tradewind Tiaras for more
gorgeous photos and fabulous fairy party inspiration.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!