Monday, February 21

Paper Crafting Week - Part 1: Hanging Flower Pomanders

For those of you who know me, you know how much I love "pretty" without a hefty pricetag. I've been known to craft just about everything myself, whether it involves decorating or party planning, to save a few bucks. I get this certain thrill by knowing I only spent "this" much. And besides, how much fun is it to think..... "I made that!"

But being "cheap" means having to find inexpensive materials, and one of the best crafting supplies I've found is paper (maybe that's why I'm a party printables designer!). Just like the Paper Towel Flower Wreath idea I posted about last week, paper of all types can find a variety of purposes in crafting and of course, in beautiful party tables. And with all of the amazing paper crafting ideas there are out on the internet, I thought I would take this week to share a few of my favorites. I hope they will help inspire you in your own life with parties, decorating, and even creating some fabulous gifts for friends.

Today I'm sharing an idea from Shelley Cason of House of Smiths for hanging crepe paper rose pomanders. These are simply gorgeous and could be used in a variety of ways including party decorations or even as a beautiful accent in a little girl's bedroom.

So pretty, don't you think? Shelley has a full tutorial on her blog, but I will share some of her techniques with you today.


Materials List:

- Styrofoam ball forms

- Crepe paper streamers in whatever colors you choose

- Hot glue sticks and a glue gun

- a roll of tape

- ruler

Step 1: Cut your crepe paper rolls into 24" strips.

Step 2: Crumble the strips to make them a little softer and more fabric-like. Then straighten them back out.

Step 3: Start rolling your rose by winding tightly and then proceed to wind a little looser.

Step 4: After winding around the rose center 4 or 5 times, add a dab of hot glue to the base to keep things secure. Proceed by winding a few times and adding a dot of glue.

Step 5: Keep winding and also twisting the paper to resemble a rose.

Step 6: Once you get a rose to the size you like, gather the end of the crepe paper and glue it to the outside of the flower.

Step 7: Repeat this process over and over again until you have a pile of crepe paper roses.

Step 8: Place your styrofoam ball form onto a roll of tape to keep it from rolling around while you work, and proceed with gluing the roses to the ball starting at the top center and working around the ball form until your styrofoam ball is covered with beautiful roses.

Afterward, you may leave the ball as is for a table centerpiece decoration or you can attach a piece of ribbon to the top of the ball for hanging. So pretty!!

Shelley has a few more details and tips on her blog so be sure to visit before getting started on your own crepe paper pomanders.

And while you're there be sure to take a look at this beauty -- a stunning wall hanging Shelley made using the same technique, but this time making a wreath instead of hanging balls.

And if you like this project but think a topiary might be a little more suitable for your style, be sure to check out this great idea with a similar tutorial from The Sweet Survival.

I hope you enjoyed this great project. Happy Monday everyone!



JC's Loft said...

So neat I need to try this!


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