Monday, December 19

Customer's Classroom Christmas Party

 What a wonderful CLASSROOM CHRISTMAS PARTY my Facebook friend, Kristi, sent over to me. She and her mom worked to put this adorably sweet party together for her daughter's third grade class using the CANDY CHRISTMAS printables set.

 Kristi used polka dot plates from Target to make clean up easy but just look at how perfectly they coordinate. Great find! She also incorporated some red and white dot wrapping paper into the party which is such a smart idea. Wrapping boxes as cake pop tiers and also using the wrap to make placemats for each girl is fabulous.

I love that Kristi downloaded the FREE REINDEER FOOD printables set and created some great favors for the girls to take home with them, too.

 The sweets included Hershey Kisses, chocolate covered peppermint sticks, marshmallow pops, candy canes and some cute chocolate covered pretzels.

 Wrapping bottles of whipping cream with the printable paper is a good way to make the "not so pretty" tie in with the rest of the table display. These small but thoughtful touches mean so much and turn the ordinary get together into something special for the kids.

And I'm sure the girls had a ball with all of the toppings for their hot chocolate, too. Small ramekins filled with add-ins such as m&m's, chocolate chips, sprinkles and more would make any child happy.

Thank you, Kristi, for sharing your hard work and adorable party with us! 


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