Friday, December 2

Hot Cocoa Bar Ideas

As promised, today I'm sharing the photos from the Hot Cocoa Bar which were a part of the dessert table photo shoot I styled for Amanda's Parties To Go's latest Christmas printable set, Candy Christmas.

This is such a fun and inexpensive idea for holiday parties. Include lots of candies and sweet toppings for family or children's parties or add some mix-ins like Kahlua or peppermint Schnapps for adult parties. It comes together quickly, too, with mostly store-bought products.

Food labels from the Candy Christmas printables set were used to label sundae glasses filled with various store bought yummies like M&M’s, chocolate chips and toffee. Batting was used under the glasses to simulate “snow” and some "softness" to the metal stand.

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I love to have a backdrop behind all of my party tables, and this hot cocoa was no exception. Using various widths of white ribbon and white tulle stapled onto a 1”x4” board created a simple ribbon backdrop. Adding some craft store snowflakes hung on fishing line completed the wintry look. 

Peppermint marshmallows, chocolate covered peppermint sticks and chocolate peppermint spoons were placed close to the cocoa mugs for fun stirrers. 

Mugs were embellished easily with some tied ribbon, a plastic candy cane (from a garland purchased at Hobby Lobby) and a printable "Yum" logo. 

An oversized snowman made from styrofoam balls was a fun focal point for the bar. If you'd like to find out more about how to make your own, you can click here: SNOWMAN CENTERPIECE.

Covering your thermos' and other containers with a little decorative tissue paper, ribbon and a printable logo turn the not-so-pretty into something perfectly fitting for your cocoa bar.

Covering peppermint sticks with white candy coating and adding some sparkling sugar makes wonderfully sweet cocoa stirrers.

A hot cocoa mug logo from the printables collection was used as a focal point on the front of the table. The garland was made using some strips of white tulle and Dollar Tree snowflakes.

The CANDY CHRISTMAS printables set is available for only $9.00 in my Etsy shop right now and includes the hot cocoa bar printables, too!

To see more photos from the dessert table using this printables set, just click here:


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