Thursday, February 24

Paper Crafting Week - Part 4: Paper Garlands

We've all probably used those rolls of crepe paper to quickly decorate for a party, but did you know how versatile they can be? Gather them up with a sewing machine to make a sweet ruffle, twist them around and around to make fabulous flowers, or snip them with scissors and create a unique garland.... the possibilities are many. Just take a look at some of the amazing ideas I've found around the web.....

Ruffled party streamers by How Does She using two layers
of crepe paper and a simple machine stitch.

If you aren't into sewing, you could try this great idea from Oh Happy Day .
It's a no-sew version of party streamers.
Just follow her simple directions below or visit her blog for a step-by-step tutorial.

Grab a good pair of scissors and in no time at all,
you can have these unique party decorations. Soooo easy!

The Gaines Gang shows us how to make another version of a simple,
no-sew crepe paper garland, this one with two layers.

If you don't have time to make a garland yourself, you can always visit Etsy and buy some pre-made. Great shops like Julie Collings have many beautiful ruffled designs to choose from.

And Bake it Pretty sells this tissue paper fringe in a few colorways as well.

If you want something perfect for a spring party, be sure to check out this
easy tutorial from Prudent Baby for a flower shaped tissue paper garland.

I am so inspired! I hope these ideas have brought you some creative inspiration, too.



Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

How sweet! Thanks so much for the shout out! Looking forward to visiting the others too.

Rainy Day Farm said...

Super cute idea. Love how they look feathery.