Monday, January 24

Winter-time Pool Party!

Following up on a sweet comment from one of my readers a few days ago led me to this adorable pool party from Paula of JC's Loft. Paula is a mom who LOVES to throw a party.... the more detailed, the better! And a winter-time pool party is about as creative as it gets. She decided to take a break from the winter-time blues, and host a pool party at an indoor waterpark for her baby's first birthday. Just take a look at all of the fun details.



Paula was so creative with her food table..... "Pool Noodles" from the Dollar Tree (sour sticks), "Life Savers" and Starburst "Kick Boards" -- how cute! She even made the cake herself.... a little "self-portrait" of her family at the pool. She used a wooden number 1 covered in scrapbook paper as a cake topper..... easy and inexpensive, too.



How amazingly cute is he? Cole's a lucky boy to have such a creative mom!
For more details on this and Paula's other fabulous parties and ideas,
go check her out on her blog.

Happy 1st Birthday, Cole!
Thanks for sharing your fantastic winter time pool party with us!



Penny said...

What an unusual cold-weather party idea -- I bet it was tons of fun though. Totally cute too, and made me nostalgic for crazy straws, lol!

Thanks for sharing!

JC's Loft said...

Yay, thanks so much for featuring my party : )


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