Wednesday, February 9

Easy Valentines Classroom Treats

Tomorrow is my first of three school Valentine's parties. Thank goodness for email because coordinating all of those moms and all of those treats for all of those kids can be a little daunting. I love bringing something a little different and a bit special for the kids, but time is quite a hot commodity these days. There's just not a whole lot of it to go around, so "easy and quick" is top priority.

How about this for an easy treat for class parties?
Desserts for Party shares this twist on the cupcake topper. Buy a bag of heart shaped suckers if you can't find any like these, purchase some pre-made white icing cupcakes, and add some crushed sucker pieces for a topping. So simple!

This one is an easy one, too, from Domestically Speaking.
You could embellish store-bought cupcakes with candies or you could bring the cupcakes
in iced and ready for the children to add their own Valentine's candy decorations. It would be a treat and a class activity, too.

We make these quite often around here with Rolo's or Hershey's Kisses and pretzels,
but I love the Idea Room's version with Dove chocolate hearts and a Valentine M&M.
These only take a few minutes to make and would also be a
thoughtful gift bagged up for a favorite teacher.

Super easy popcorn balls on decorative straw sticks from Hint: Sometimes you can even find pre-made popcorn balls in the grocery store, especially around a holiday.

Heart shaped pepperonis from See Kate Sew would be a fun classroom twist on a Pizza Party! Use a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to turn round pepperoni's into Valentines hearts - so easy!

Gorgeous fondant cupcakes from Create Celebrate Explore using a fondant press (find on the cake decorating aisle of the craft store) to make the flower impression. It might look hard, but it's really a little like working with playdough.

Here's a great fondant recipe made from marshmallows to get you started, and best of all, fondant will keep for weeks if wrapped tightly and sealed in a ziploc bag.

Gorgeous red velvet macaroons from Delectable Deliciousness might be a little more difficult to make for the busy mom, but these were so pretty, I had to include them. I think you could try make something similar with red velvet cake cut with heart shaped cookie cutters or you can always try this idea from Bakerella for heart-shaped Oreo cakesters.

Best wishes with all of your own class parties, and don't forget your camera --
they are growing up fast!


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