Tuesday, February 22

Paper Crafting Week - Part 2: Tissue Paper Birthday Numbers

Welcome to Paper Crafting Week Part 2!

Today's paper crafting idea is a fabulous one for birthday parties and it's extremely easy, too. Doesn't every child long for the day when they are another year older? And wouldn't an adorable and HUGE tissue paper number announcing their big milestone be the perfect party decoration?

This adorable sign from a party on the Coolest Family on the Block
features a large scale "1" sign on little Adaline's dessert table.
Adaline's mom used an artist canvas, covered it with a pink pillow case and glued small bunched up pieces of tissue paper to it in a number 1 shape. Too cute!

And here's another similar idea seen on Hostess with the Mostess from Prudent Baby using flower shaped pieces of tissue paper.

Living Craftily Ever After uses a similar technique for her daughter's 3rd birthday.

She even made a coordinating crown for the princess birthday party
she was hosting for her daughter. How creative!

And here's another cute party using a tissue paper sign from Simply Creative Insanity.
This party is filled with lots of cute ideas so be sure to hop on over for
some "Under the Sea" inspiration.

This is one of those crafts that ANYONE can do. You could even use purchased chipboard or wood numbers or letters from a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels such as the ones above and cover them with tissue paper if you didn't want to make a sign on canvas. These smaller versions could make a simple door hanging or party table centerpiece, too.