Tuesday, February 1

Valentine's Treats - Yum!

I'm finding and sharing some more cute Valentine's treats today from across the web. Some are super easy, too, which is always helpful around a busy holiday with classroom parties and all the rest. I love these ideas because they translate well into party themes of all kinds, not just Valentines. Change the sprinkles.... the frosting colors, etc. and you can make them work into your own child's birthday party theme.

Heart shaped Cookie Pops from the Idea Room using a "play-dough" cookie dough recipe (it's not really play dough, in case you're a little worried..... it just works like play dough for easy molding.)

And another super cute creation from the Idea Room, a stuffed-cookie with Valentine's sprinkles. Talk about easy! Wrap them in cellophane with some sweet Valentine's ribbon and hand them out to classroom friends.

And how adorable are these marshmallow pops from The Decorated Cookie? Using food markers makes this activity simple and quick, too.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this version of ice cream cone cupcakes from Girl.Inspired!

Talk about cute..... just look at that "spilled" cone!

Heart-shaped cake pops from Oopsey Daisy with a great tutorial, too.

And my favorite idea of all from Bakerella, using only store-bought
OREO Cakesters and a small cookie cutter.

Now there's no excuse at all for not whipping up a little something special
for Valentine's Day -What a perfect after school activity!



Lisa said...

great post! i think i will be making a couple of these!

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

The ice cream cone cakes are adorable!!!

JC's Loft said...

Oh no way! I'm loving the oreo cakester hearts, only she would think of that!!!

Thanks for collection fab inspiration!


Unknown said...

Love the Cakester hearts - so easy! I suppose if you eat what is cutt off, it doesn't count?!?